3DF - Three Dimensional Fiberboard


3DF – Three Dimensional Fibreboard is an innovative wood-based composite for compressing moulding processes and brings a world of design possibilities such as customised deep structures, elegant arcs and curves. Technical and functional aspects like countersunk screws and embedded handles are also possible in a single operation for maximum flexibility and minimum effort and cost. Whether it’s used on furniture fronts, doors, seats, wall panelling or in other applications within construction or even in the automotive sector, 3DF has several advantages when compared to the alternatives: Conventional CNC processes often take a lot of time and do not use the raw materials efficiently. 3DF – Three Dimensional Fibreboard offers a productive and cost efficient solution: simply develop your own customised design, replicate it in a mould and apply pressure and heat. Produced with formaldehyde-free thermoplastic glue, 3DF can be shaped in the required densities and thicknesses through the action of temperature and pressure. On top, the surface achieved is perfect for lacquering or powder coating and can also be surfaced with 3D foil or CPL directly in the moulding process. The product gives you design freedom in projects, combined with the advantages of a sustainable and controlled wood-based panel. 3DF – Three Dimensional Fibreboard from Sonae Arauco – for ultimate design freedom. For more information we gladly invite you to visit the Documents Section at our booth; how to get here? Please click on the Sonae Arauo logo below, you will now return to the Sonae Arauco booth. Scroll down and you will find the Documents Section where the 3DF - Three Dimensional Fiberboard Products video, website link and brochure might provide the information you wish for. Surely you are also welcome to contact one of our team members, we are looking forward to meet you.