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Sonae Arauco


Sonae Arauco is one of the world’s most relevant players in the Wood-Based Panel Industry and the result of a joint-venture between Sonae Indústria and Arauco. With 23 industrial/commercial offices in 9 countries/2 continents and with circa 3.000 employees, Sonae Arauco’s products can be found in 80 countries taking our inspiration everywhere.

Sonae Arauco - One of the world's most relevant Wood-Based Panel producers

Sonae Arauco - Sustainability  

Sonae Arauco - Forest R&D   

Sonae Arauco - FSC   

Sonae Arauco - Green Products Portfolio  

Sonae Arauco - Leed Certifcation  

Sonae Arauco - Raw Materials and Controlled Sources  

Sonae Arauco - Circular bioeconomy model   

Sonae Arauco - Recycling   

Sonae Arauco - Wood and Carbon Neutrality 

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