Innovus Decorative Products


Innovus is a Sonae Arauco brand that comprises all the solutions for indoor decorative projects. Be amazed by the potential of our Innovus Coloured MDF, we’ve taken medium density fibreboard to another level. Experience essentials with our Innovus Essence, the look and feel of real wood in a wide range of decorative designs. Explore our melamine decor range, a decorative surface that uses resin-impregnated printed paper applied to one of our wood-based panels Particleboard or Medium Density Fibreboard. For more information we gladly invite you to visit the Documents Section at our booth; how to get here? Please click on the Sonae Arauo logo below, you will now return to the Sonae Arauco booth. Scroll down and you will find the Documents Section where the Innovus Decorative Products video, website link and brochure might provide the information you wish for. Surely you are also welcome to contact one of our team members, we are looking forward to meet you.