IPCO steel belts for Wood Based Panels


PREMIUM QUALITY STEEL BELTS FOR WBP PRODUCTION IPCO is world-leading supplier of premium quality steel press belts for the high productivity manufacture of wood based panel products including particle board, MDF and OSB. The company supplies press belts in three main steel grades: 1100C, 1500SM and 1650SM. The different characteristics of these grades range enables IPCO to deliver the optimum combination of tensile strength; elasticity and thermal conductivity; and resistance to corrosion and general wear and tear. Press belts can be manufactured to virtually any length, in widths of up to 4 620 mm and in thicknesses from 1.2 to 3.5 mm. The move towards production of thinner boards at speeds of up to 2 500 mm/sec means the need for near perfection in belt quality is intensifying, and IPCO has invested heavily in the precision technologies necessary to deliver to the highest standards. For press belts wider than 1 500 mm, two or even three single belts are welded together longitudinally to create a belt of the required width. Sascha Porst is Global Product Manager for the WBP industry at IPCO: “We continually work to improve the tolerances we are able to offer – thickness deviation, flatness and straightness – and our ability to meet demanding delivery schedules.” The company’s network of regional offices enables it to provide local, on-the-ground expertise backed up by a service organisation with the ability to support OEMs and end users in any location around the world. As well as carrying out repairs, IPCO engineers can help end users achieve maximum ROI through planned maintenance and preventative work. The company also supports customers through an on-going programme of technician training. By passing on the knowledge and expertise to enable in-house teams to carry out maintenance, the risk of unnecessary downtime is substantially reduced.
IPCOIPCO (formerly Sandvik)  is a world leading supplier of multi-stage process systems for the production of high-quality composite material. IPCO’s double belt presses and scattering systems provide an efficient solution for the continuous production of a wide range of materials used by the construction industry including flooring, roofing, insulation and technical textiles.  Themodular design of the company’s ThermoPress press systems enables multiple stages of production – including polymerization, curing and cooling – to be incorporated into a single, highly efficient process. A choice of belt types and pressure modules allows systems to be configured to meet virtually any pressure and heating requirements.   IPCO can also supply an extensive range of upstream equipment including feeders, unwinders and its market-leading ScatterPro scattering series, together with associated downstream trimming, winding, cutting and handling systems.  This flexibility of system design means that IPCO systems offer an effective manufacturing solution for products as diverse as LVT/SPC/WPC flooring, acoustic panels, concrete forms, cladding, facades and interior surfaces. The company’s high pressure ThermoPress models can also be used for the production of artificial stone.  With around 600 employees and a worldwide sales and service network, IPCO is able to meet the needs of a global customer base and supply end-to-end systems including process controls and upstream/downstream handling equipment.  Our Productivity Center in Goeppingen/Germany is a state-of-the-art facility from which to showcase the world’s most extensive range of double belt presses and precision scattering systems under one roof.   www.ipco.com