IPCO Precision Scattering


IPCO (formerly Sandvik) is a world leading suppler of specialized precision scattering systems used for the production of high quality composite materials. The company’s ScatterPro range enables the accurate distribution of bulk materials in a uniform layer onto carrier materials, which can then be formed by pressure and/or heat to produce materials such as flooring, composites, non-wovens, technical textiles and more. ScatterPro systems are available with a choice of oscillating and rotating brush-off options to handle products including powder, granules, fibers, chip, flakes, sand and corundum. A rotary screen unit enables materials such as powder, glitter or food products to be applied in patterns or designs. This versatile technology can be used to manufacture a wide variety of materials and has applications across many different industrial sectors. Examples include safety flooring and rubber tiles, electronics, automotive components, cosmetic products, filter media, wallpaper, insulation and other materials used by the construction industry. Scattering technology is also ideally suited to the production of materials made from recycled products. IPCO ScatterPro equipment can be used as a standalone system or integrated into end-to-end lines incorporating the company’s ThermoPress double belt press systems.
IPCOIPCO (formerly Sandvik)  is a world leading supplier of multi-stage process systems for the production of high-quality composite material. IPCO’s double belt presses and scattering systems provide an efficient solution for the continuous production of a wide range of materials used by the construction industry including flooring, roofing, insulation and technical textiles.  Themodular design of the company’s ThermoPress press systems enables multiple stages of production – including polymerization, curing and cooling – to be incorporated into a single, highly efficient process. A choice of belt types and pressure modules allows systems to be configured to meet virtually any pressure and heating requirements.   IPCO can also supply an extensive range of upstream equipment including feeders, unwinders and its market-leading ScatterPro scattering series, together with associated downstream trimming, winding, cutting and handling systems.  This flexibility of system design means that IPCO systems offer an effective manufacturing solution for products as diverse as LVT/SPC/WPC flooring, acoustic panels, concrete forms, cladding, facades and interior surfaces. The company’s high pressure ThermoPress models can also be used for the production of artificial stone.  With around 600 employees and a worldwide sales and service network, IPCO is able to meet the needs of a global customer base and supply end-to-end systems including process controls and upstream/downstream handling equipment.  Our Productivity Center in Goeppingen/Germany is a state-of-the-art facility from which to showcase the world’s most extensive range of double belt presses and precision scattering systems under one roof.   www.ipco.com