UVMax® Defender Antimicrobial Powder Coating


UVMax® Defender using Bactiblock technology is available for all resin chemistries in our UVMax® powder coating line without hindering coating appearance or performance. The antimicrobial agent in UVMax® Defender uses silver ion technology that attaches to the cell walls of a microbe, interrupting enzyme production and DNA replication. The Bactiblock antimicrobial additive is added during the powder manufacturing process to help inhibit the growth of microbes on powder coated surfaces. The antimicrobial utilizes silver ion technology which helps stop harmful microbes from multiplying. Silver is highly regarded for its antimicrobial properties and effective in interfering with the cell membranes to prohibit growth. Independent third party testing was performed in accordance to ISO 22196 standards. After 24 hours, surfaces coated with UVMax® Defender showed both E coli and Staphylococcus bacterial reproduction reduced by more than 99.99%.