BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting


BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance die-cutting machines and high-precision punching tools.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT):
CUTcontrol™- IIoT Digital Service Platform

Automated Packaging Systems and Robotics:
BEAMstack™- first fully automatic packing system worldwide  

WEBinspect™- 100 % web surface inspection system
PRINTinspect™- 100 % print inspection system

Increasing of quality, efficiency and productivity:
WEBslitter™- production enhancement system
REELsplicer™- in-register reel changing and splicing system

INNOVATION by die–cutting:
PRElaser™- laser system for additional functions as perforation
SMARTembosser™ - patented embossing system for rim-embossing
LABEL-light™ - patented low cost tool for In-Mold-Label application

Die-Cutting Solution
BERHALTER is Swiss and is synonymous with die-cutting technology. Developing global innovations and guaranteeing perfect die-cutting solutions are the core competences of BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting. Innovative BERHALTER die-cutting systems are the basis for numerous packaging solutions. We focus on constantly striving to be better and our capability to expand existing die-cutting technologies with new, trendsetting systems. In doing so, our innovative force and our revolutionary IIoT platform CUTcontrol™ play essential parts and offer our customers a particularly high economic benefit.

CUTcontrol™ paves the way to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and is characterised by smart integration and a clear focus on die-cutting machines and their key performance indicators (KPI). A unique digital platform has been created as a measure of productivity and efficiency. CUTcontrol™ assumes the role of support system and uses diagnostic tools for data analysis in order to increase the production performance. In addition, target-oriented service in combination with good spare parts management improves machine utilisation rates. Intelligent swiss-made die-cutting technology. The Number One in Die-Cutting.

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